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Note---- C: Host Port Username Password

C: 2455 liga26


C: 12500 pay,1

100 User

C: 12500 pay,100


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This is a list of publicly available free cccam and newcamd servers. It is tested and updated on a regular basis to ensure that the most accurate results are presented. Cardsharing network for fascinating TV watching experience, One can grant access to the most popular satellite channels. The CCcam and NewCamd servers we offer works best with Dreambox receivers and many other DVB set-top boxes and receivers. We offers you one of the best CCcam and NewCamd services. All the available providers from 7.0°W to 28.2°E without any freezing or glitching.

What Is Card Sharing?
Card sharing, also known as control word sharing, is a method of allowing multiple clients or digital television receivers to access a subscription television network with only one valid subscription card.
​This is achieved by electronically sharing a part of the legitimate conditional access smart card's output data, enabling all recipients to gain simultaneous access to scrambled DVB streams, held on the encrypted television network.
​Typically, a legitimate smart card is attached to a host digital television receiver, which is equipped with software to share the decrypted 64-bit "control word" key over a computer network, such as the Internet.
Once a client receives this key, they can decrypt the encrypted content as though they were using their own subscription card.

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